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Romanogers is my OTP / Buckynat / Clintasha

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This is based off a prompt I saw on tumblr. Thanks for all the kind words on the last Steve/Natasha prompt:)

He was standing at the altar. Black tux, polished shoes, hair slicked back. There was a nervous tick in her finger due to the lack of his shield, or was it something more?

Soft music…


'Cause I know, once in a while we will find
the sound of your heart beats with mine.
And someday, the crash of the waves will be far away.
and I will sail in your eyes.

In which Robert Downey Jr. brings up Mark Ruffalo’s attractiveness even though it is irrelevant to the question.

"I think [the suit] is timeless. Even though it’s set on period it can be used even today." Louis D’Esposito.

I'm the curvy one of the family.

His curls.